Fernando Delgado CAS

I'm Fernando!

I'm an Emmy-award winning audio consultant and owner of Stickman Sound, making audio processes a breeze, one set at a time.

I've seen every audio setup imaginable for TV, film, live events, and more. These productions have allowed me to observe and work with all forms of audio. My experience has given me the opportunity to create the optimal system and process to capture the best sound possible on all formats. 

Producers, I hear you. Life's about to get easier.


You may recognize some of my clients.


Navigating new projects excites me. I thrive on bringing organization to creative environments.


Building sound systems for clients—I really enjoy it.

The first thing you'll find when working with me is that I'm flexible.

The second thing you'll discover is that I'm passionate about efficiency.


I. Pause

Take a deep breath, I'm here to point you in the right direction. We begin with an initial consultation, where you detail the project goals and budgets. Following our meeting, I'll put together a custom plan with a process and recommended roles.  I will also note the key attributes you should look for when hiring your team. After we review the plan I can address any concerns and make any necessary changes. If you have more than one project, you can retain me to help with multiple jobs on a monthly basis.


II. Play

Here we will get into detailed equipment and crew needs. After the initial consultation, I will create a designated process (see Pause) that will also include a detailed equipment list and  crew recommendation. If you move forward with the equipment recommendation through Stickman Sound, you will be given an exclusive discount that is only offered to my consultation clients. 


III. Forward

Think of this as my concierge service. Together, we plan the ultimate audio setup for your production, including process, staff, and equipment. Once all the pieces are in place, I'll completely oversee the hiring, rentals, and production management on shoot day. You'll also be eligible for a rental discount at my company Stickman Sound. I'll be involved from pre- through post-production. All you have to do is kick back and listen to the sweet sound of a job well done.


Audible online


And off.